Things you want to know:
Before you start, add to your email address book. You'll receive your activation link by email to the address you register. Once you respond to the activation, your account will be active and you can download the files. Adding this address will keep the activation email out of your spam or junk mail folder and make this process fast, easy and, well, as much fun as filling out forms can be.

"How do I register my book?" Click on the cover of your book. This will take you to your book's registration page. Fill in the required information the click submit. The activation link will be emailed to you immediately. If you don't receive an activation email, check that your user name is your email address. If your email address is your user name, send an email to I'll activate your account as soon as I can. Sometimes my shooting schedule has me away from email / Internet access. If I don't respond with in a day or so please email me again.

"Why do I have to register to download the photographs?" The reason for registration is to protect the models' rights and my copyrights by allowing only those who are reading one of my books to have access to the project files and if you have questions, to show me you are entitled to email answers to them. And yes I do answer my readers emails as promptly as I can--usually the same day if I have access to the Internet. Afterall, you spent your hard earned money to buy the book (thank you by the way) I want you to get the most out of your investment.

"Why aren't the files on a CD with the book?" The answer is to save you five bucks off of the cover price. And if there are additions or changes you'll be able to get them as well.

"Who gets to see my email address?" Me, myself and I. I am the only one who has the data you register. You will only get emails from me if you send me one first or if there is information about a class I might be teaching in your area or an addition or correction to one of the books. I will not spam you or provide any of your information to anyone. Period. Any email you receive from comes from me.

If you experience problems getting the files, email me at

I hope you enjoy my books. I would love to hear from you with either praise or problems.

May your photography bring you as much joy as mine has to me.


Kevin Ames